Berghof Steinbauer




You will be living in one of our 4 homey holiday flats
with living room and bedroom, a small kitchen, shower/toilet and satellite TV.

flat for 2 to 3 persons

One flat is arranged for 2 to 3 persons ...

flat 1

For more information as well as pictures please click the photos or the links !

            ... one flat for 2 to 4 persons ...

                                                flat 2


flat for 2 to 4 persons
flat for 2 to 3 persons

 ... one more for 2 to 3 persons ...

 flat 3

                      ... and one for 2 to 6 persons.

                                                       flat 4

flat for 2 to 6 persons

   All flats are fully equipped for self-catering: Electric range, refrigerator, microwave,       toaster, egg boiler, coffee machine, dishes, cooking pots, etc.

   Every morning, the baker delivers fresh and tasty bread rolls to our house!

There is everything you need for
a vacation with small children:
Cot and highchair,
babyphone, bottle warmer, buggy and
baby backpack carrier, microwave and
washing machine.