Berghof Steinbauer




Naturally there are also animals on our Berghof. We have - apart from the chickens -
no real farm animals any more ... it rather is a "small petting zoo".
But there is (like on a real farm) the possibility to experience goats, donkeys,
chickens and cats very closely and to partake in the daily care and feeding.
Animal-loving children can get the "little donkey guide diploma".



- our gentle "watchdog"
... he is dear and patient, almost
always hungry and is very comfortable right where the action is ....




Our kittens:









... and ????


....Ringo, Mikel and Blacky have missed the photo session ...
but Mauli's children have kept very quiet - no wonder, they were very hungry !

Mauli's children

Our "boys":
Undini, Fix and Foxi ....

.... for once together in harmony ....

Undini, Fix and Foxi

.... and our little "ladies":
Lisa and Heidi

Lisa + Heidi

Willi was a bit sad and lonely
when he came to us .....


.... but then there was Maja and
it was love at first sight ....



... on 8th August 2006 our pighead
Flip was born .....

... and on 13th September 2007 came the
second foal Puck ...Puck

... now they are a real donkey family:
sometimes a little mulish - but mostly good and inseparable !

donkey family

As if "four" and donkey family ... !
... on 26th April 2010 Maja's third foal - donkey girl Iffi was born:

Maja + Iffi

Now they are 5 friends ...
5 donkey friends

    Newcomers from far away lands ..... our two llamas:

Nemo  Nemo  and FeeFee

         The two in their warm
         winter coats ...

Fee + Nemo
Fee + Nemo

... and after their first visit at
    the hairdresser's !

Llama-Trekking Llama-Trekking

Always running and gaggling ...
Hermann and Eva

Last but not least:
Our flock of chickens ....
rooster Felix with some of his harem - busy with pecking on the ground as usual.

Leon II Hühner
wau-wau !

Of course, your pets are welcome too - upon agreement.